A Peek at a Pudgy Pugilist's Personal Pages

Smalltown hayseed, Bonnie Bunny finally gets a main event spot for a major wrestling federation. Unfortunately her competition is the infamous Fiona Flash, a lusty and busty bad girl with a taste for the bizarre. Can Bonnie defeat her frisky foe or will Ms. Flash snatch her victory (as well as her dignity) away?

You get more then a front row seat with this story. You get a look into Bonnie's private diary both pre-match and post-match! Her inner thoughts are yours to explore!

ART - Wom-Bat

A Peek at a Pudgy Pugilist's Personal Pages 2

It was just a matter of time before up and coming good girl grappler Bonnie Bunny got a shot for the GWA Championship Belt! And that time is…not here just yet. No but she gets the next best thing: A first contenders match with long time championship challenger Sarah Savage! Will Bonnie be able to defeat this reptialin roadblock or will Sarah turn Bonnie into Bouncing Blonde BBQ?

Once more you get a glance at Bonnie's diary to read all about her biggest match yet!

ART - Wom-Bat


The Same Side of A Three Sided Coin

Taken from the pages of BodySlammers! magazine we present three separate reviews of the same BPW championship bout. Their opinions vary and the reactions differ but one thing is for certain: This must have been one hell of a fight! The match features the tremendous BPW champ Ursula Olympus battling long time challenger the always large and in charge Inga Oswald.


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