Wednesday August 11, 2010
Got some more stuff on the way but in the meantime enjoy DAQ's rendition of Inga vs. Bee Bee Bask in the gallery.

Wednesday June 2, 2010
New nonsense in the gallery! Go look at it!

Monday May 10, 2010
Are all your ducks in a row? Well alright then.

Monday December 14, 2009
Saw this online and had to post it.

Love the blatant feel Goldie cops at 1:14. I mean really people…

Friday December 11, 2009
Yeah it's been awhile. But don't you worry I've got ALOT on the way soon! In the meantime here's some youtube:

Wednesday October 14, 2009
Added a jungle bout pic between Alice Fielding and Sapphire Stone to the gallery. Enjoy!

Wednesday September 30, 2009

Also more stories are on the way. Wom-Bat should be back from vacation any day now and will get going on the art for the latest diary entry from Bonnie Bunny. Plus a very unique and interesting article will be hitting this site by the weekend featuring some major heavy weights from the BPW!

Stay tuned!

Friday September 18, 2009
For those of you who new to Rough Housing and perhaps maybe professional wrestling in general (though unlikely because of how you probably found this site) here's a little match to give you a good feel of the kind of action you'll find here on the site:


Monday September 14, 2009
Filled in some more details to the roster. It'll be done someday don't you doubt!

More stories on the way! A major bout between two big beauties, a new Bonnie adventure, and a some flyin feathers are on the way soon!

Thursday September 10, 2009
Doing some reworking on the site. Most noticeably the Luna vs. Sophia story is now gone. I know, I know,

"But Purple Roach…who cares?"

Well me and the artist are working out a better story right now and Sophia may or may not be on the chomping block. We'll see what happens.

Another page gone is the comics page. I discovered recently that I'm not funny. So rather then subject everyone to my bad puns and awful punchlines, I'll just stick with what I know: Pseudo Erotic Violence!

The Roster is up and running now. I still have alot of work to do on it but well…it's up.

Thursday July 23, 2009
The first story is up! So get ready to hop into the ring with Bonnie Bunny and Fiona Flash in A Peek at a Pudgy Pugilist's Personal Pages.

Friday July 17, 2009
Welcome to Rough Housing! The site still needs a ton of work but at least it's up!

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